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Free Grant Writing Example
How to Write a Grant

This site will give you an example grant for applying for funding for a a fictitious project called

"A Reform-Based Model Classroom for
Teaching and Learning Mathematics at
The University of XYZ" Grant writing example to help write a grant.

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Your Grant Proposal Should Start with a Key Sentence:

In addition, prior to using this technology equipped room, we will require faculty to attend training on its use thus enhancing the delivery of software assisted training and use of the model classroom.

Cover Page

1. This Proposal Involves:

__x__ One Institution

_____ More Than One Institution  
2. Enhancement Subprogram: (check one)

__x__ Traditional ENH Program (Includes all multidisciplinary proposals)

_____ Undergraduate ENH Program
3. This Proposal Is: (check one)
__ x__ Primarily an Equipment Request
______ Not Primarily an Equipment Request  
4. Name(s) of Submitting Institution(s) of Higher Education:
The University of XYZ (Include Branch/Campus/Other Components)
5. Address of Institution of Higher Education:
Department of Mathematics
1000 University Avenue
Anytown, PA 18000

(Include Dept/Unit, Street Address/P.O. Box Number, City, State, Zip Code)
6. Title of Proposed Project: Reform-Based Model Classroom for Teaching and Learning Mathematics at The University of XYZ  
7. First-Year Support Fund Money Requested:
8. Second-Year Support Fund Money Requested (if applicable)
9. Proposed Duration

(Circle # of Yrs.) 1   2  
10. Category In Which Proposal Is Being Submitted (check one only)
_____ Business
_____ Special Multidisciplinary

(See section III.B.2.c of the RFP.)
_____ Chemistry
__x__ Mathematics
_____ Physics/Astronomy
11. Using the Taxonomy in Appendix A of the RFP, Identify All Specific Subcategories of the General Category That Apply to This Proposal and Provide Taxonomy Numbers:

Subcategory(ies): Mathematics

Taxonomy Number(s): 0703
12. This Proposal Is a: __x__ New Request ____ Request for Continuation of a Previously-Funded Support Fund Project
(check one)

(Provide previous contract number: ___________________________)
By signing and submitting this proposal, the signatures are certifying that: (1) the proposed project has not already been funded/is not currently being funded/has not been promised funding; (2) this proposal has been reviewed and approved by an Institutional Screening Committee; and (3) the institution and the proposed project are in compliance with all applicable Federal and State laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, the required certifications set forth in: (a) Grants for Research and Education in Science and Engineering, NSF 83-57 (rev. 11/87); and (b) Appendix C, 45CFR 620, Subpart F (Requirements for a Drug-Free Workplace).
Name/Title (type or print)

Institution (if different from Item #5 above)
Dept./Telephone No.   Degree/Year Signature  
PI/PD: Susan Chase   Mathematics /
(215) 555-1212  
M.A. 1985    
Co-PI/PD: Melissa Gilbert   Teaching and Learning Resource Center
/ (318) 342-3500
Ed.D. 1989    
Campus Head or Authorized Institutional Representative Dean Ashley Lopez, PhD Authorized Fiscal Agent  
Name/Title: (type or print)

Dr. Fred E. Board, Associate Dean Studies and Research
Name/Title: (type or print)

Dr. Eric Pani, Dean Natural and Applied Sciences
Name/Title: (type or print)

Mr. Robert Turner/
Vice President for Business Affairs


Date: Telephone Number
(215) 555-1234
Date: Telephone Number:
(215) 555-3456
Date: Telephone Number:


Example Project Summary

Name of Institution (Include Branch/Campus and School or Division):

The University of XYZ
Department of Mathematics (Include Department)
1000 University Avenue
Anytown, PA  18000  
Principal Investigator(s):

Susan B. Chase
Melissa W. Gilbert  
Title of Project:

A Reformed-Based Model Classroom for Teaching and Learning Mathematics at The University of XYZ  


Abstract (Do Not Exceed 250 Words)

This proposal supports the long range math teaching improvement vision of The University of XYZ. The Department of Mathematics recommends establishing a reform-based model classroom for teaching and learning mathematics. The Department plans to adapt existing courses and to create new curriculum to comply with the state’s new teacher certification structure and to best meet the needs of our future teachers. This proposal will provide an avenue for:

  1. enhancing the instructional resources of the Department of Mathematics and

  2. better preparing preservice and inservice teachers to promote student learning through standards-based mathematics curriculum.

Mandatory mathematics courses for elementary education majors, including existing courses and certification courses, will be taught in the reform-based model classroom. Staff instructors for the courses will be experienced mathematics faculty who serve on the PK-16 Mathematics Redesign Council and who embrace the delivery of reform-based instruction. Mathematics and education advisors will collaborate in planning their specific courses and will jointly deliver instruction in a team teaching approach. Faculty will continue to work with local education organizations to establish and deliver professional development programs for their teachers utilizing the model classroom for delivery of those programs.

Our reform-based model classroom will be fitted with tables and chairs to enable collaborative learning, computers with Internet capability to incorporate real-world applications into mathematics instruction, manipulatives to increase conceptual comprehension, and books of children’s literature to develop multi-disciplinary teaching. All of these materials will be engaged to model a reform-based instructional approach for the teaching of mathematics.

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How to Write a Grant
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