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Free Grant Writing Example - Equipment

"A Reform-Based Model Classroom for
Teaching and Learning Mathematics at
The University of XYZ"

Equipment Request

To realize the benefits of technology we focused on planning for the full range of teaching methods and on change and flexibility, including various teaching methods (lecture, discussion, audio-visual delivery of lecture) and integrating technology into the curriculum via computer-based group instruction and self-paced learning.

Hardware ($59,683.00)

Work Stations

Free Grant Writing Example - Equipment

Each workstation will accommodate one personal computer for every three students; a total of 12 student PC systems and 1 instructor system are being requested. Each PC will be a Pentium 4 running at 1.7 MHz or better with 256 MB of RAM, a zip drive, 32 MB video, sound card and speakers with a R-RW CD-Rom and a 17” viewable SXGA LCD monitor with analog and digital input . To enable easier access to software both in their offices and labs three laptop computers would be supplied to faculty members directly involved in the preparation of teachers. The laptops would also be used to connect this project to inservice projects that these mathematics faculty do for the surrounding townships in the northeast Pennsylvania area.

This intended workstation configuration was modeled after an existing classroom at the Pennsylvania State University . The three instructors of the mathematics courses for preservice teachers attended an iQuest technology-training program that was at Penn State and were excited about the technology resources and the instructional methods for which it provided. This configuration was chosen in order to maximize space in the classroom and at the computers themselves. Zip drives will allow students to bring in their own data disks so that they can easily upload their projects and presentations and make copies of classroom demonstrations.

Hardcopy printing is essential . One color LaserJet printer should serve the major needs of students using the model classroom/laboratory.

Digital Cameras are very useful in helping students to make mathematics connections with the real world. Teachers often send students on a scavenger hunt around campus in search of images of geometric shapes which they will include in a booklet to help them understand their course vocabulary. The Mathematics Department currently has no digital cameras.

Display Units ($12,783.00)

In redesigning the classroom a white board with two projection screens and two overhead projectors on carts, will be needed. The classroom itself needs to function well in this new environment. The white board will serve both as a screen onto which images may be projected by way of a multimedia projector and as a dry-erase chalkboard. The white board is a great tool for demonstrations. A projection system is needed including two overhead projectors and screens to allow viewing of an overhead calculator concurrently with an overhead transparency that explains the calculator. Chalkboards are standard in every classroom, however, they do not serve a dual purpose as the white board does. In addition, dust from chalkboards can be detrimental to the maintenance of computers and technology equipment.

The purpose of the projector is to facilitate the use of literature, newspaper or other documents that are not easily scanned in or found on the web and to allow teachers to provide diverse content to all students in the classroom at the same time, allowing students to have a visual and colorful learning experience.

It is an important teaching tool that is essential when covering visual topics like geometry and trigonometry.

Two 35” wall-mounted television/computer monitors will be placed in the room to offer students a clearer view of the onscreen work . Usually these monitors will display the same image that is on the student’s PC , but they may be configured to display other information or videos.

Participation in iQuest provided the opportunity to note how a program called Mimio, in conjunction with an electronic white board, enable teachers to capture alternative approaches to problem solving clearly. Utilizing special equipment, teachers can use the dry erase markers to write on a specific area of the white board, subsequently the mathematics problem is saved as an animated .gif file that can be transferred to each student’s workstation or placed on the instructor’s web page or Blackboard site. Although mathematics can be a tricky subject to show on the web, this program makes it interactive helping the students to better understand the problem . Some benefits of using an electronic whiteboard include capturing hand-drawn notes on a computer, emailing, printing or exporting notes to html, copying and pasting notes to any application as well as being able to replay and review notes stroke by stroke. We chose the converter program rather than the standard program because it is more efficient and utilizes the white board that is being requested above.

To allow presentation of videos in the classroom, a standard videocassette recorder is needed to enhance the instruction in the classroom.

Wireless and Internet Communication ($3,200.00)

The Internet contains vast amounts of valuable and motivating mathematics resources for K-12 educators and students. The use of a wireless technology gives students exposure to the latest technology while also keeping the workstations streamline. The internet supports project-based learning and provides access to Web-based resources available for the math students. The importance of being able to contact people and places throughout the world and exchange information cannot be overestimated. The Internet provides educators with access to many mathematics resources outside the boundaries of their classrooms and offers opportunities to integrate technology into mathematics lessons. Internet access for all work stations would not only permit students to follow a teacher-led demonstration via Internet, but it would also allow students to pursue individual avenues of research to supplement their learning . A wireless Internet hub is requested as this classroom’s configuration .

Instructional Materials and Software($14,325.00 )

Involvement in technology-related training programs and experience in providing instruction to preservice and inservice teachers helped us to carefully designed a technology plan and contributed to the selection of the items requested below. Procuring appropriate technological equipment and resources, including computers, chairs, desks, displays, and cable is number one on our list.

Software appropriate to the requirements of the educators using the lab should be obtained in a timely manner and current, user-friendly software that is applicable to the needs of users is essential. Visual learning software tools such as Geosketchpad, Inspiration, PowerPoint, and Tesselmania are some of the programs being considered for purchase.

Experiential education is based on the idea that active involvement enhances students' learning. As such, a variety of manipulatives have been acquired through grant programs over the past 10 years. Complete sets of grade-appropriate materials are still needed, however. Current resources will be inventoried and evaluated prior to ordering new materials.


Worktables and computer-friendly furniture including ergonomic desks and chairs are requested. This will facilitate the establishment of a setting that will enhance cooperative learning behaviors . Mathematics educators favorably recognize collaborative learning practices, more project-based and less lecture-style teaching. However, our current campus resources are not suitable for conducting such instructional practices. Hexagonal tables will be created with the arrangement of the 12 trapezoidal tables. Two PCs for every six students will be placed at each hexagonal table and two utility tables will be used for the printers. A lockable storage cabinet and storage sets for the manipulatives are requested in order to organize and to secure instructional resources contributing to a better-organized classroom and more efficient delivery of instruction.

Equipment on Hand for Project

We previously described the status of current equipment in the Mathematics department and explained that the equipment is limited and is being fully utilized. In 2001 we purchased a color scanner and laminating machine that we will continue to use in the model classroom. The color scanner is capable of transforming text, graphics and transparencies into computer readable data enabling enable students to incorporate various media into presentations or projects. The laminating machine protects samples of preservice and inservice teachers’ work.

Equipment Housing and Maintenance ($20,000.00)

The equipment will be housed in an existing room in Wilson Hall on the campus of The University of XYZ. Initially the equipment will be covered by warranties. When these expire the Mathematics Department is required to enter into a maintenance agreement with the University’s Graphic and Technical Services. This contract is paid from the department’s budget at an approximate cost of $4,000 per year.


Home Current Situation Enhancement Plan Equipment Financial Plan Bibliography

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